HE Gavel 3 + OG RipTide Cap (V2)

Gordo Scientific

  • This item includes both the Highly Educated Gavel 3 & the OG Riptide Carb Cap V2
  • The original opaque bottom quartz banger style nail from Highly Educated.
    • This nail features 8mm thick layer of 99.99% pure SiO2 opaque quartz.
    • 4mm has been removed from the inside leaving a basin for easy cleaning
    • Approx 4 mm of opaque quartz walls in the basin.
    • 25mm bucket.
  • "HE" logo has been laser engraved into the joint
  • The chamfered edges on the top are made to accommodate a better fit for most bubble caps.
  • The opaque surface is slightly textured which assists in the formation of nucleation sites at exceeding lower temperatures.
  • Highly Educated Gavel 3  is made from Fused Quartz. Gordo Scientific Riptide Carb Caps are made from Borosilicate
  • Gavel 3 made and assembled in Utah, USA
  • Riptide cap made in Pine, Colorado

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