HE Gavel 3 & RipTide CC Combo set

Gordo Scientific

  • Highly Educated Gavel 3 & RipTide CC Carb Cap
  • Save $20 when you purchase the combo set.

HE Gavel 3:

  • This nail features 8mm thick layer of 99.99% pure SiO2 opaque quartz.
  • 4mm has been removed from the inside leaving a basin for easy cleaning
  • Approx 4 mm of opaque quartz walls in the basin.
  • 25mm bucket.

RipTide CC Carb Cap:

The RipTide CC (Crosscurrent) carb cap is the newest innovative design from Gordo Scientific, further improving on both the OG RipTide cap, as well as the GTR RipTide bubble cap. The CC Features two separated functions similar to the GTR. However, the Crosscurrent has the addition of a entirely new RipTide conduit. The lower riptide section is spun opposite the larger section and due to it small size, has more restriction 

Two functions:

  • 1. Close the top hole, Air can only go in through the side hole and only the larger Riptide coil is active. More air flow, less restrictive, spins oil counter clockwise.
  • 2. Close the side hole, Air can only go in through the top hole and only the smaller RipTide coil is active. Less air flow, more Restrictive, spins oil clockwise.

We do not recommend using terp pearls with this product, it was designed to spin your oil, not pearls. As such this product does not come with any complimentary pearl packs.  

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