Best Practices for Ruby, Sapphire + Opal Gemstones

Best Practices for Ruby, Sapphire + Opal Gemstones

April 04, 2020

AAA Quality lab-grown ruby and sapphire provide the best heat retention, optimal flavor, and increased surface area. 

When used with the proper carb cap & water pipe, a spinning effect can be achieved. 

We have found that ruby and sapphire increase heat retention and surface area, the best practices outlined below will help increase the longevity of the pearls. 

Please read the following carefully:

Do NOT use rubbing alcohol or any cleaning solution while your gemstone is hot, It can cause thermal shock and crack it. Use a dry cotton swab and heat to clean.

Do Not apply a direct flame to your gemstone or it will cause thermal shock which can crack the gemstone. 

Slowly heat and cool inside your banger.

We are not responsible for gemstones cracking due to not following cleaning procedures.

All ruby, sapphire, opal products provided by Ruby Pearl Co are Lab-grown in Huzhou, China. All ruby, sapphire and opal materials have been TGA Tested (conducted at the University of Nevada) and the results are available upon request.   All materials have been tested and proven to be chemically inert and can be safely heated to temperatures well beyond normal temperatures.