User Guide: Mini RipTide Bubble Cap (Peak & Carta)

User Guide: Mini RipTide Bubble Cap (Peak & Carta)

February 20, 2020


A few suggestions to get the most out of your Mini RipTide Bubble cap. Each cap has been designed and tested to fit on the Puffco Peak and/or the Focus V Carta.


All caps are tested using standard, out of the box parts for both the Peak & Carta.

We cannot guarantee fit and function…

  • On any other e-rig.
  • On any aftermarket inserts or dishes. 
  • On any terp pearls larger than 3mm
  • On any aftermarket water pipe attachments.

If any aftermarket products are loose-fitting, this can cause an issue with the fiction of the carb cap. If you must use an aftermarket attachment, please make sure you are using a quality piece that fits as it should. 


  • We suggest one dry heat up cycle to get the pearls up to temp, once the pearls are sufficiently hot you can dab like normal. 
  • Do not overload your atomizer as this could cause overflow issues. 
  • Nice Smooth draw; not aggressive, will ensure that no hash material is being pushed up and over the edge of the insert. 


  • We suggest q-tipping the atomizer like normal but please keep in mind the terps pearls can crack or break if you use ISO while they are hot. 
  • Do not place hot terp pearls in any cleaning solution, always wait for them to cool down.
  • For best results with the cap, always clean the atomizer after each use.