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Guide for Selecting the Correct Carb Cap

Guide for Selecting the Correct Carb Cap

February 13, 2020

Understanding the differences between our carb cap models can be helpful for selecting the carb cap that will be right for you. Below is a general guide to assist you. 

OG V2 RipTide Cap. Designed to Spin Pearls. Hands free and effortless. Drop it on any quartz nail and watch it work. Suggested for beginner pearl enthusiasts as well as the experienced.

GTR RipTide Bubble cap. Designed to Spin Pearls, however, we always suggest the GTR for advanced pearl enthusiasts. A couple variables make this cap more technical than the OG V2 for spinning pearls. 

Mini Bubble Cap (Peak). Designed to Spin Pearls: recommended 3mm pearl(s) only. Very small dabs for the peak device and we suggest a heat up cycle to get the pearls up to temp before adding the material. *Modified peak tops/inserts may yield different results*

OG Bubble Cap. Not suggested to spin Pearls. Re-released from 2017, the design pre-dates pearls. When looking at the re-release for 2020 Gordo wanted this cap to focus on maximum vaporization, as opposed to pearl function. Inspired by a classic bubble caps & budget friendly.

RipTide (Crosscurrent) CC. Not suggested to spin Pearls. Originally released in mid 2019. It was our goal to release a cap with a reverse action function. During the designing process we discovered the smaller, reverse nozzle did not spin pearls as effectively as we would have liked but still spins the hash material very well. On the other hand this cap is extremely versatile, allowing the user to tailor the air flow for any water pipe or preference.

Some of the products that were not specifically designed to spin pearls may still spin them in some pieces. For more information please see the blog post HERE

We ALWAYS recommend the OG V2 RipTide Carb cap for Spinning Pearls. It is the most reliable and requires the least amount of restriction for the spin effect. For more advanced users we suggest moving up to the GTR RipTide Bubble Cap. The cap will need to be centered in the banger as well as plugging the top hole on the GTR. (This is why we suggest this carb cap for more advanced users) 

When Designing a carb cap for spinning pearls, we must over coil the multi-bore tubing. This creates a vortex inside the quartz nail that is conducive to spinning pearls but not necessarily maximizing vaporization. Recently we have re-focused our attention to maximizing vaporization not spinning pearls.